Feb 2, 2022Liked by Nathan Roberts

Very much appreciate your thoughts on this. I have a LOT of experience letting that voice of discouragement weasel it's way into following my dream. It is worth learning how to detect and dismiss this counterfeit assessment of ourselves for what it is - all of us being our own worst enemy. (I am still a student and not a teacher here) There are plenty of rotten tomatoes

being hurled by self-professed critics out there. We don't need any more coming our way from our own darker side.

Thanks for the good words, Nathan!

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Feb 1, 2022Liked by Nathan Roberts

Imposter? First thought, not me! I'm the original. But you're right, Nathan, all of us have some tiny voice that tends to belittle who we are. Good ideas offered here to counter act that. Thanks!

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